MTK 190


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The classic in steel for loads up to 190 kg.

Stairs used to be a major hurdle for transporting heavy goods;

sometimes several people had to handle objects up and down stairs, which often presented a high risk of back injury.

That was until the introduction of LIFTKAR.

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Data sheet

Toplam Makina Ağırlığı 32
Capacity 190 kg
Performance 16-18 basamak/dk
Maximum Basamak açısı 35 - 45 derece
Height 380 mm
Width 510 mm
Depth 1100/1520 mm
Akü Kapasitesi 170 basamak ( bir şarj işe )
Max. Basamak Yüksekliği 210 mm
Akü Ağırlığı 5,5 kg

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LIFTKAR: easy to operate ideal for a wide range of applications A practical quick-change battery unit is included. In order to ensure uninterrupted use, the battery can also be charged quickly in any location using a special charger for in-transit use.

MTK 190 The "Heavy Goods Vehicle".

Even bulky goods such as cases, stoves, safes and vending machines are not a problem for this one.

An additional automatic brake is fitted as standard to the main wheels to guarantee safe and controlled handling of heavy loads

up to 190 kg effortless, safe and quick up and down almost any steps (even spiral staircases) easy operation;

smooth movement