HD 360 B Dolly + 220mm GH


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The LIFTKAR HD is as easy to use as a hand truck. It's just that you can handle stairs quickly and safely as well, thanks to the battery-powered climbing mechanism.

Electrical enclosures, drinks dispensers, gaming machines, large boilers, solar heating vessels, heavy rolls of linoleum,

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Toplam Makina Ağırlığı 38 kg
Capacity 330 kg
Performance 6 - 10 stairs/min
Maximum Basamak açısı 35 - 45 deg
Height 485 mm
Width 560 mm
Depth 1615 mm
Akü Kapasitesi 120 stairs/min
Max. Basamak Yüksekliği 210 mm
Akü Ağırlığı 4 kg

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Heavy loads are difficult loads.
 Especially for transporting up and down stairs. It really takes it out on your back and joints. There is a risk of accidents. And sometimes you need two, or even three, people to get the job done. With the LIFTKAR HD you can transport heavy loads quickly and safely up and down stairs. From heavy boilers and white goods through to bulky rolls of linoleum - with the LIFTKAR HD you can easily handle transport problems reliably and quickly. The Sano powered stairclimber is ideal for use in transport and logistics companies, retail, trade and industry.

The heart of the LIFTKAR HD is the perfectly balanced climbing unit with two speed settings and single-step and continuous-step modes. The step edge brake system guarantees the highest level of safety.

The LIFTKAR HD is an investment that pays for itself very quickly. Where you needed somebody, or even two people, to help you in the past, now you can manage on your own. Without great effort, safely