HD Dolly 330


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Ideal – on the level as well.

With the stairs behind us, we've still got level ground to cross. - With the LIFTKAR HD Dolly you can increase your speed on the flat as well. Once you've managed the stairs, the integrated Dolly system comes into play on level.

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Toplam Makina Ağırlığı 44 kg
Capacity 330 kg
Performance 6 - 10 stairs/min
Maximum Basamak açısı 35 - 45 derece
Height 485 mm
Width 560 mm
Depth 1615 mm
Akü Kapasitesi 120 stairts
Max. Basamak Yüksekliği 210 mm
Akü Ağırlığı 4 kg

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It's not only about going up and down stairs. You'll often need to cross car parks and company premises too. With the Dolly system you can now do that a great deal faster.

With the support wheels folded out, heavy loads can be pushed over level ground with the minimum of effort. The system is activated in no time: simply lift the LIFTKAR HD, extend the Dolly and lock it into place. Transform in seconds from climbing stairs to rolling along on level ground. You can also use the Dolly system to transport high loads through standard doorways. On level areas such as building sites and cobblestones, the puncture-proof tyres with an elastic, profiled running surface are ideal. The dolly version is available for both the Universal model and Fold model.